My Teacher Portfolio? Oh I'm waiting until...

Can you complete the sentence above?  Has it crossed your mind that there things that you need to wait for before you begin your journey to teacher accreditation?  Maybe you’ve been waiting until your final prac, until you’ve been teaching for a couple of years.  Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve got all the evidence you need… before you start

I can understand why you might be thinking this way.  If we focus on the outcome of accreditation or passing a module at uni. then it’s easy to wait.  Wait until the deadline comes a little close.  Because the process involved evidence and annotations, I can see why you might be thinking you need both of those things BEFORE you start putting together a portfolio.  It’s all very logical.  It’s also all very wrong.

The best time to start your teacher portfolio is RIGHT NOW.

The thing is, every time you stop yourself reflecting on your practice, every time you create a reason to wait to start your teacher portfolio, there’s a cost.  A cost to your time, a cost to your learning and a cost to the impact you could be having on your students and your confidence as a teacher.

In this podcast episode, we talk about what these conditions mean and why they are so detrimental.  This episode is a call to action.  A rally to start focusing on your impact.  To understand that the accreditation and reflection process is NOT just about career progression. It’s about being the kind of teacher who cares deeply about their impact and wants desperately to know they’re doing a great job in their classroom. Your teacher portfolio is a place to learn and grow.  The rest will just happen.  Trust me.

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