ICT shows up in standards 2.6 and 4.5 right?

There are only two focus areas in the Australian Professional Standards that ask you to write about ICT and computer use in your classroom. 2.6 asks you to talk about ICT as a resource that enhancing learning and teaching and 4.5 is all about the social and ethical protocols and practices when you’re using ICT. Have you found yourself scratching your head when it comes to meeting this two in an evidence piece?

If you’re thinking, do I just talk about the software I used with year 9 last week? What are the social and ethical protocols I need to cover? Have you found yourself with a bit of a knot in your stomach over this one? Not really sure how you’re going to evidence it? Particularly at HAT or LEAD teacher level? Well… what if I told you

When you use ICT you SHOULD hit a lot more than 2.6 and 4.5

This week, I’m talking to Jocelyn Brewer. As part of Sydney University’s Cyberpsychology research group, she has been examining the intersection of psychology and technology for over a decade. A former educator, a parent and a very passionate advocate for giving our students what they need to stay safe, connected and happy in online spaces, she shares some amazing insights and research into how ICT meets a whole lot more than 2.6 and 4.5.

As you listen, you’re going to start to see opportunities to think and talk about ICT in new ways in your evidence portfolio.

Things I love about this interview:

  • We talk, quite candidly, about the mess we’re in with ICT. How complicated it is… who is responsible for all this and why and how that impacts YOU.
  • She shares so many resources for you to explore that I had to break the further reading section into two columns! (go check that out!)
  • We talk about this through the lens of the teacher, but also through the lens of the parent. Lead applicants… this might spark a project that would impact your entire site as you explore “the mountain” of ICT use at your site.

As two researchers who love to talk Edtech WITH a research lens. You can expect us to cut through the BS of fear-mongering and tell you what the research actually shows… (and where its gaps are).

This episode was just so much fun! 

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