#096: 3 Secrets to Focus your Evidence on the Right Things

It's so hard to know I'm focusing on the right things in my stories of practice!

As you begin to tackle the process of writing and creating evidence sets, a million questions enter your mind. You start by writing a story about what happened in your classroom today.

You’re actually enjoying the process as things pop into your mind. Questions about why that worked so well and what you could do differently next time for that one student who just wouldn’t stay focused. Then you remember that this is an evidence set or a story of practice and you start to feel like, ENJOYING this is the wrong thing.

Doubts start to creep in. It shouldn’t be this easy…it shouldn’t feel this much fun. If I start here, how will I even know that I AM hitting ANY focus areas? Your heart races, you feel that familiar drop in your stomach as it lurches with nerves and the frustration that you might have just wasted 30 mins of your day causes no small amount of anger. You STOP and feel defeated… again.

This is an all to a familiar story and in this two part-er, we’re going to unpack that and share some sneaky secrets that will help keep you in that confident and curious place and away from that pit of doom that you keep falling into…
The key is..

Impact, Character, Permission to be Messy....

There are three pieces of advice in Part One. Our focus today is on the purpose of the story you are writing and the hero of that story (and how it is definitely NOT you OR the standards).  We’re also going to look at where this desire to hit all the standards… in fact to KNOW exactly which standard you are hitting… as you write.. is coming from!

Would you expect your students to hand up just one version of their coursework or would you let them explore the ideas and themes in their books.. mark that and give them feedback… then let them do a draft… which you mark and give feedback on and then… once they are more comfortable go for the gold?  I thought so.

Let’s talk about being kinder to ourselves.  I share some processes and a two post-it system (I’m not kidding!) to keep that horrible fear and overwhelm monster away! 

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