I can't submit this evidence! It's too long and I'm not sure it's highly accomplished 😱

If you’ve sat down and written an evidence post for your stage one application for highly accomplished… (or, for that matter, at any career stage), you’re moving in the right direction.

You know there’s a word count for each highly accomplished (HAT) evidence set.  (It’s about 500-600 words for the context statement and 200-250 words for each annotation … check with your assessors for your jurisdictions exact numbers).

You just sat down and let the story of your teaching practice flow.  You even enjoyed it as you talked about your kids, the work you’ve been doing with colleagues (because… that’s highly accomplished!) and the impact you’ve been having.

The trouble is…  what you’ve written is well over the word count.  You’re not even sure it’s HA.  Even though you enjoyed writing this, you’ve now got that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize you might not have done this right. 🤢

Let’s wind this back a moment.  In your day to day work…

you know… teaching…

If you set your students to work and they got everything right the first time they did it…. you’d need to up your challenge right? 

Give yourself some Grace! Your HA evidence was never going to be perfect straight off the bat

In the last episode, we talked a lot about that sinking feeling.  We also talked a lot about giving yourself space to learn. To get it wrong and then move forward. 

I can not tell you the number of times I’ve heard… just get started… as the first piece of advice coming from our most successful subscribers.

Congratulations… You got started! 🥂

Now.. let’s get this evidence you’ve written focused and powerful.  Let’s turn that sinking feeling into celebration, confidence and pride!

Tune in to this week’s episode to continue our conversation on making sure your evidence is focused and clear. 

We’ve got four more tips for you this week that will help turn your novella into several, shorter, more focused POWERFUL 💪 evidence sets for your Stage 1 application at HA or LEAD.

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