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Oh my.  we have 2 weeks left of the school term.  Things are wrapping up (curriculum and present wise) and the end of year is most definitely in site! There’s little time for reflection right? You’ve probably (hopefully) finished your reports by now, you’ve started packing up your classroom and tidying up. You’re focusing on all the things you need to get done.. you’re tired…


Now, let’s take some time to think about you. You deserve a moment of reflection and connection with every moment of growth you’ve experienced this year.   Log in to your Edufolio and paste these questions into a blank post.  Pick your favourite three and answer them. Time to celebrate and reflect.  You’re a reflectionsist after all 😉

My end of Year Reflection:

  1. Pick six adjectives to describe this academic year. Why did you pick those words?
  2. What six words do you think your students would pick to describe you this year?  Why’s that then?
  3. What did you try for the first time this year? How’d it go? – Will you do it again?
  4. What is one thing (yes you have to pick just one) that happened this year that you might well remember forever?
    • There’s always one stand out moment.  The moment that student made you laugh soooo soo much, the moment you had a breakthrough with some kids, the moment you tagged lead for the first time ever on your Edufolio…., the moment you finished your degree! – You can probably be more exciting than that!! 
  5. Share a link to your favourite reflection post
  6. Why is it your favourite? What does it show about you as chief learner in your classroom?
  7. Heatmap - See your strengths and growth spots - reflection - edufoliosDownload your heat map...
    1. Which focus area is your strongest?
    2. Which focus area are you lacking some reflections on?
  8. What do you want to grow next? What are your targets for next year?
  9. Who has influenced your practice this year? Can you describe how? (If you can share some evidence of that influence then send it to them! – That’s HA stuff for THEIR portfolio)
  10. What one piece of advice can you share with others reading your Edufolio?  What’s your biggest take-away from this years learning and teaching?

Which standards and focus areas have I covered?

Well, this time, that’s a bit tricky because I genuinely have no idea what your answers will be.  Give it a go yourself and, if you share your post below, some of the collaborators might well make some suggestions for you – if you need some 🙂

I can help you with the career stage part though:

Grad standard:  You’re talking about theories and new learning but you’re not putting them into the context of your classroom

Prof standard: You’re talking about what you’re doing and learning in the context of your classroom.  You can apply theories and PD and are able to explain how what you’re doing is impacting upon your students.  You’re connecting theory and practice.

HA Standard: You’re mentoring, your sharing knowledge and influencing colleagues.  What you do is so well considered that you can provide data, metrics, some kind of evidence that you’re having an impact. Have you been mentoring a pre-service or newly qualified teacher? If you’re writing about that stuff and can explore how you helped them and what impact that had then you are most definitely HA 🙂

Lead Standard:  You’re not just helping individuals or small groups, you’ve spotted something that impacts your site.  Not only did you identify and issue or opportunity, you implemented a plan to solve it.  You’ve been busy writing about what you did, what steps you’ve taken and what the results were as you went.  If you’ve got data that demonstrates an improvement or positive impact on scale.. . then you’re impacting your site. You’re leading change… You’re LEAD.

Share your reflections in the comments below

Let’s see if we can find some new collaborators…  Share and connect tribe! Go!

Paste the link to the post you’ve written 🙂

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