#101: The Secret to a School Culture That Nurtures Career Progression

#101: The Secret to a School Culture That Nurtures Career Progression

Teacher Accreditation in Australia is all about Career Progression... right?

And career progression is all about paperwork and stages of assessment of our capability.  It’s about gathering evidence to prove that we meet a specific level.

I can understand where that comes from. 

Frankly, that’s pretty much what it says in all of the documentation for accreditation. 

No matter which authority or career stage you’re being assessed at.. the focus is firmly on a list, a check box, the way it’s laid out and NOT on the thing that actually really matters….

Our kids.

and that’s.. quite frankly. NOT OK.

What about a commitment to growing impact in our classrooms

...with a shared purpose of being the best teacher we can be?

Now, most of us can agree that the purpose of an educator is to create an impact that helps a child to grow and develop and be able to achieve anything that they need or want to achieve in their life that.  

Do you feel that your career progression should, therefore, naturally connect with the way in which you can increase that impact as you grow? 

Is our purpose as educators to help people to grow and to learn?

Imagine if we can change the focus around accreditation (and career progression) to that shared mission. To a shared purpose of impact and increasing impact in our classrooms. To make sure that no child is left behind. That everyone has the tools, the skills and the resources that they need to be the best teacher they can be… then the culture starts to shift towards one of growth and development… and, of course, natural career progression. 

Join me as we explore the mind shift needed to move from a place of compliance to a place of growth and impact.  Using Brene Brown’s Daring Leadership as a focus, I position things a little differently and share some simple strategies that will get your school moving and growing faster than it ever has.  


  • Inspire MORE creative problem-solving in our classrooms (and use that as evidence!)
  • Lead with a clear shared purpose of positive impact on students that links to career progression
  • Create a plan for how we’re going to measure that
  • Define who is accountable for that impact and growth 
  • Create clarity around how that’s done and what that looks like: “paint it done” and make sure you’re all on the same page

and watch your school see a meteoric rise in wellbeing, connection, results, levels of accreditation and career progression.

Trust me…

and share what this raises for you in the comments below.  Do you feel fired up by the end? What do you need to change to fulfill this new passion?

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