#102: Principals Don’t Want Portfolios…?

#102: Principals Don’t Want Portfolios…?

Are teacher portfolios still even a thing?

Teacher portfolios.  Everyone’s got one right?  They’re needed for job applications, accreditation, teacher registration and digital footprint management.  

With the dawn of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment, the many different systems that educators have to use in different states and territories AND the pressure of it all (gah! 😌🙄😪🤯) you’d be forgiven for thinking that a teacher portfolio is all about compliance and so… if your uni doesn’t ask for one.. they’re not a thing…

At least that’s what I overheard in a Facebook Group recently….


Let's unpack what a teacher portfolio is for...

Portfolios are most definitely a thing.  Thousands of people are using Edufolios right now to create one and fill it with their evidence of practice.

In this episode, I want to pull apart our beliefs about portfolios and their roles in our professional lives.

If you’re a principal, then I’d be really keen to hear your thoughts on some of these ideas and beliefs. Make sure you message us!

Tune in to hear:

  • Why your own experience might be different to someone in another state, uni, sector, school or leadership team.  Yep.. Culture and process time!
  • How the pages you’re being asked to create for an interview should be in a portfolio! and WHY!
  • Why we ask our kids to create portfolios of their learning in one way… and ignore all that knowledge when we create one about our teaching
  • Why having it online doesn’t mean you can’t supply evidence on paper.
  • The new, upgraded export tool in Edufolios
  • Why your principal would be impressed that you have a portfolio.

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