#103: Anna Ronaldo on Daring Classrooms™ and the Call to Courage

#103: Anna Ronaldo on Daring Classrooms™ and the Call to Courage

I'm not a leader. I'm not a DP, a Principal or a Head of Curriculum. I'm just a teacher....

I’ve had this conversation so many times with the teachers I work with.  

The culture in our profession has “leadership” defined by title and status.  Status through time- travelled as a teacher, or through career progression. It’s been that way since… well.  forever.. Right?

What if Leadership is about people? About helping them to develop their potential?

"Anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential."

This week I am joined by Dare to Lead™  and Daring Classrooms™ Facilitator, Anna Ranaldo.   As the founder of Collective Courage, she has worked with schools and educators to help them to understand just how they go about taking “responsibility for finding the potential in people” and where the courage comes from to “develop that potential”…

That’s leadership…

and in this episode, we’re going to unpack that.

We get vulnerable here.  I share some stories about my own leadership and personal struggles with “the shame cave” and anxiety and how that has impacted me as an educator.

This episode is REAL, it’s powerful and it will get you thinking.  

When you’re done listening, reflect on what you have learnt about yourself as a leader. No matter what stage of your teaching career you at.  Our entire reason for being a teacher is to unlock the potential in those we teach.  

In that way, we are all leaders.

How does that make you feel?

Tune in to get hear some amazing strategies you can use, right now, in your classroom to help you make an even bigger difference to the lives of those you work with.

Reflect on it in your Edufolios and share it with Anna and I. Check the Further Reading section for more links and resources. 

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