How to talk about your impact with ICT in your evidence of practice

When talking about ICT in my portfolio I just need to show I'm using some tech... right?

Technology.  It’s “sexy”, “desirable” and expected to appear in our teaching tool kit.  It even has two of its focus areas in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. (2.6 and 4.5)

Parents love to see their children using technology.  iPads, VR, Kahoot, Minecraft.. they’re all signs of an innovative and future thinking school.  Right?

When it comes to the evidence in your stories of practice, to cover ICT, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all you have to do is talk about a tool you’ve used.  Because, honestly, that’s what you see all the time… Technology is “engaging”, the kids are always on task when they’re “doing Kahoot”,

The thing is. Engaging and fun doesn't always mean the intended learning is happening...

It’s there in the research (ooh standard six alert!).  In fact since 1984 (I was 4 back then!!), Seymour Papert was warning us about putting the tech before the learning.

It’s so easy to think that, if we have the latest tech tools, our kids will learn more.  They’re engaged! but…. digital distraction is REAL and so, skillfully using technology “to expand curriculum opportunities” (Grad 2.6) or “using effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful” (Prof 2.6) requires something deeper than just the latest tech.

There’s a really important piece of the puzzle that we MUST attend to…


That’s why I’m really excited to bring researcher and speaker Bron Stuckey to the Reflective Teacher Podcast to share her “Planning for Virtuality Framework”.

Her framework has everything you need to plan and deliver a lesson with ICT that will meet every verb, what and why in 2.6 at any of the career stages.  

My Favourite bits in this episode

  • We talk about the difference between leading with learning and leading with the tech. (2.6)
  • We talk about social learning using tools online and why sociability is really important to kids.  Prepare to better understand why they love Minecraft and other social games (1.2)
  • We discuss the word “Assessment” and Bron shares why she believes we need to get rid of that word and replace it with “evidence of learning” (standard 5)
  • We talk about how engagement is low-hanging fruit (2.2, 2.1)
  • Bron shares some amazing resources (see the further reading section below) to help you start working with some amazing tools with evidence of learning as you go
  • We talk about how you can design your lessons or units to make sure you’ve considered how the kids will show that they have met the learning objectives or intentions. (3.2, 3.3, 3.6)
  • We touch on why learning intentions are a vital piece of the puzzle if you want to make sure your tech is having the right impact.

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