Increasing impact through online courses

Remember when teaching over a webcam was new and weird?

 Remember how intimidating it felt to “dial-in” to something online?

Has that shifted for you now?

In the last few months (maybe even the last year) you’ve gained some seriously cool new tools in online teaching and learning. Most of us, at one time or another, have experienced teaching online.  Things have shifted.

Hopefully, you’ve been measuring your impact on your students (proficient) as you go… but..

Could you use these new skills to create a wider impact on your colleagues? (highly accomplished)

In this week’s episode, I’m going to share my experience of building The Evidence Engine with you.

How my course business mentor Amy Porterfield helped me overcome my fears and barriers and why, as a teacher, her course gave me the opportunity to experience curriculum and planning like never before.

This is a story that I hope will inspire you to explore the idea that you too can make an impact on a wider audience.  Sharing your knowledge and passion for teaching and learning with others and gathering evidence of the impact that reaches beyond your own site to colleagues all over Australia.

There’s even a really fun quiz to help you see if this might be an option for you!

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Further Reading and Support

Helping teachers create evidence of practice

Edufolios’ teachers love learning.  They want accreditation and registration to be about their students and how they can help them to grow.

Our ready to go online portfolio has all the tools and support you’ll need to create an amazing teacher portfolio for graduation or accreditation at any career stage.

Edufolios is the perfect place to quadruple your professional development hours.  Grab one and start reflecting about all this powerful learning you’re doing with us at the Evidence Engine!

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