I've been teaching for 30 years, I don't need data, I've got my experience and my gut instinct!

When you’ve been teaching for a long time you can assess and gather information just by observing your students in action.  It’s an instinct you’ve developed over time.  You “just know” whether they’re on track. You’ve seen it all a hundred times and you know what the expectation is.  

As a teacher, data can be hard.

It can feel like “data” is about making your students jump through hoops that they don’t need to go through.. because you know… you’ve been doing this for a long time and you know where they’re at!

But.... What if, you're missing something important?

I can totally understand where you’re coming from.  When you’ve been teaching for a while, the assessment does become like driving a car.  It’s automatic and easy to make judgements on the fly.  

and… spreadsheets are scary!  There are some serious maths there AND they can be used against YOU…

Well… only if your school has a pretty dodgy culture 😭

The reality is, our gut instinct can only take us so far.  Being a professional means that we need to make judgements based on fact.  We can start with our gut, but then we need to get curious and test the assumptions we are making as teachers.  Because, without evidence, they ARE assumptions and you could be wrong.

Data Sets in the GTPA, at Profficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead provide essential evidence of impact

Being wrong means less impact for your students.  Being wrong often means more hassle for you as behaviour management starts to become an issue.

Across the country, uni students are being asked to assess data to see what that data reveals about students.  They’re expected to then suggest teaching strategies and activities for their students based on that data.

The same is true for those working at Prof, HA and Lead! 

Without data…. real data…

we can not measure our impact and we can’t evidence it either.

Tune in to find out what data is… and why it’s important at ALL career stages in the teaching profession.

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