Eughh... Gathering Evidence for Teacher Accreditation is SO HARD! 😫

Thousands of educators are creating portfolios of evidence right now.  Some of you are working on your Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA). Some are ticking the boxes on proficiency and others are striving towards Highly Accomplished and Lead.

No matter which career stage you’re working towards, the process of gathering evidence can feel really, REALLY intimidating! 

I get that. 

This is a time where you’re being asked to reflect and gather evidence against the Australian Professional Standards.

That can feel judgemental

It can feel like you’re being asked to prove yourself


If you’re not clear on how those standards work then, not only do you have to be vulnerable about your practice.. you’ve also got to get your head around a VERY LARGE document.

What if, the overwhelm and fear surrounding that document wasn’t there.  What if you could see that rubric as something that helped you to move forward and celebrate?  

You KNOW that’s what we specialise in here!!

How Happiness😊 Emerges during Teacher Accreditation...

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast with Selena Woodward, we’re reframing things a little and sharing 5 ways gathering Evidence can actually make you much happier.  

Reflecting on your practice as a teacher creates space for happiness, celebration and joy by:

  1. Helping you to get clear about how you’re making a difference to young people.
  2. Showing you what you have to celebrate with your kids
  3. Creating a clear pathway to your own professional growth (and.. even MORE impact!)
  4. Giving you clarity and control of your teaching practice so you can make even better choices
  5. Growing your confidence in your abilities as an educator. 

How does it do all of that?  Tune in to find out

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The Secret to Evidence Creation that removes Confusion and Overwhelm

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Helping teachers create evidence of practice

Edufolios’ teachers love learning.  They want accreditation and registration to be about their students and how they can help them to grow.

Our ready to go online portfolio has all the tools and support you’ll need to create an amazing teacher portfolio for graduation or accreditation at any career stage.

Edufolios is the perfect place to quadruple your professional development hours.  Grab one and start reflecting about all this powerful learning you’re doing with us at the Evidence Engine!

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