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If you become a teacher so that you could make a difference in the world then teacher accreditation should be about celebrating the difference you make.   Yet, many educators tell me that as they’re building their evidence, it’s hard to stay celebratory and joyful.  It’s hard to stay focused on the impact, the success.  Their eyes have wandered away from the REAL why behind their career progression goals.  Away from what matters to them towards trying to understand and meet the needs of something that is far less worthy of their attention. 

We all know that, if you feel good, good things happen.  When this quote came up for me from Gabby Bernstein‘s Deck “Super Attractor”, it got me thinking about my work with educators across Australia. 

For many of them, the process of teacher accreditation is NOT feeling good. It’s feeling heavy and hard and overwhelming.

So, what can we do differently to feel good about our practice?

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast, we explore what happens during the process of teacher accreditation to move us away from that deep connection we have with teaching and our students.  

  • We discuss why that happens.
  • Explore patterns that I see recurring through educators every single time and how you can avoid them straight away.
  • What’s happened to mean that we only write and reflect because of teacher accreditation.
  • We ask what that tells us about our profession and what needs to change

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