Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation - The Basics

Am I ready to apply for Highly Accomplished Accreditation?

The voice of doubt is in your head. 

Isn’t it?

“I haven’t been teaching long enough”

“I’m not sure I’m THAT good a teacher”

I know that voice well… trust me.

It’s a voice that’s fuelled by the uncertain. By not knowing whether you are ready to apply for Highly Accomplished teacher accreditation.  It likes where you are now.  Things are certain and steady. No big questions are being asked that might rock the boat.

All except, what is HALT? What would be involved if I wanted to be accredited at Highly accomplished? and who is a Highly Accomplished teacher anyway?

Teachers are often surprised to realise that they have been Highly Accomplished teachers for some time...

Let’s get clear on this… A highly accomplished teacher is someone whose impact has expanded beyond themselves, beyond their students and has started to influence the other teachers around them.

If you are someone who loves to “support” others, who has a keen eye for “evaluating” and “developing” ideas, tools, processes, planning (and more!) or you have found yourself modelling a teaching strategy for a colleague or a pre-service teacher… then you’re already hitting several focus areas, a highly accomplished in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

What next?

This week I’m talking about the basics of Highly Accomplished.  

Tune in to hear

  • Who (or what) is a Highly Accomplished teacher?
  • What kinds of artefacts would I need in a Highly Accomplished Portfolio?
  • What kinds of things do I need to write about and show to be a Highly Accomplished teacher?
  • What’s the format of the evidence?
  • What’s the process of the application and what do I have to put together to apply to be certified as highly accomplished?

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