I'm not in a leadership role... so I can't be Lead? Right?

As always, in our fabulous profession, culture seems to dictate our understanding of the word “lead”. 

Traditionally, it’s appeared in job titles like “senior leader” and “leadership team”.  If you don’t have one of those titles then I can completely understand why you might be reluctant to consider applying for Lead teacher status. Yet, in some jurisdictions, people with a leadership role are actually NOT allowed to apply for a lead teacher position. 

I know! Right?

So, if that’s the case. What does being a lead teacher mean and how do you go about deciding whether to apply for highly accomplished teacher accreditation or Lead?

What was the goal of creating the Lead Teacher accreditaton status?

This episode of the Reflective Teacher podcast is going to help you to uncover what being a lead teacher means in the context of the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.

We discuss:

  • The scope of impact a Lead Teacher must have to pass 
  • How principals can support their lead teachers to meet these expectations
  • The verbs in the focus areas at Lead and what the reveal about the role of an accredited lead teacher in Australia
  • What the difference is between a Highly Accomplished and a Lead teacher.
  • We also discuss what the term “lead” might mean when we explore the Australian professional standards for teachers through the lens of Brene Brown’s work.

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