#123: [Replay] How do I talk about the 7 AITSL Standards?

#123: [Replay] How do I talk about the 7 AITSL Standards?

How do I talk about the 7 AITSL Standards?" hashtag="#podcast,#edchat,#ntchat,#nataccreditation,#teacherlife,#accreditation" twitter_username="edufolios"]

Planning to get your portfolio of evidence done this holidays?

Right now, classes aren’t on. Planning can wait and marking is non-existent.   Yay!

It might be a great opportunity to start getting to grips with your evidence sets for teacher accreditation.

Whilst we’d encourage you to take a well-deserved rest right now.  We get it.  This task feels big and now there’s some space you could choose to fill to get it done…

So, how do we make sure that your valuable time is spent on all the right things?

This is a replay of a very popular episode.  Episode 072 of The Reflective Teacher Podcast walks you through exactly how to approach gathering evidence against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.  We’ll help you to focus on the right things so that you’re not wasting any time!

Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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