#126: 5 Things I Wish I’d known as an Early Career Teacher

"Now I'm an early career teacher and I'm not sure I'm really ready to have my own classroom 😨"

If you’re about to begin your career in the classroom, to move from prac. student to THE TEACHER, then things can feel a little daunting can’t they. 

Becoming an early career teacher is like moving from L’s to P’s, it’s time to take full responsibility for some students and to apply what you’ve learnt at uni. You’re the one behind the wheel, making all the choices but there’s no one there with a second set of pedals to hit the brakes or adjust your steering.  You’ve got to have GOT this…

You’re so keen to make a great impression so it’s super important that you show that you’re competent.  You’ll need to say “yes” because you want to show that you’re keen and ready to help.  You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that, if this is anything like prac, you’ll be working all the hours god sends and you’ll just have to put up with that until you have more resources and experience. 

It’s part of the job


Happy, Fullfilled people make the best early career teachers...

I can totally understand why you feel this way. There are so many stories about early career teachers, expectations, job prospects and burnout.

It’s a cultural thing and we’ve been taught that pleasing others (often at the expense of ourselves) is a way to make connection and impress.  We’ve also, somehow, learnt that making mistakes will look bad.  That teachers can’t do things wrong. Even a spelling error can belittle your career and cause judgements around whether you’re fit for work.

Well.. I’m here to tell you that none of that is helpful or even good advice and you have a choice to reject it all! Being an early career teacher DOES NOT mean sacrificing your self, being perfect and never asking for help… There are actually plenty of people who can support you and would encouarge you to make lots of mistakes so you can GROW!

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing five things I wished I had known as an early career teacher. Five things that fly in the face of all the people pleasing and burning out…. 

Be prepared for a bit of a mindset as we explore boundaries, what happens when you choose to say “yes” all the time and how important it is to make time for YOU.

How can you make an impact if you’re tired and overwhelmed….?

Tune in to find out how to make the best start to your teaching career.

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