#140: 5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Fast

#140: 5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement fast (without TikTok or Fortnite)

Engagement? If your lesson isn’t about TIK TOK or Fortnite you might as well give up.

How are your students doing right now?  How is their level of engagement? Their ability to tune in, to get excited about what you’re learning together?  

I ask because, over and over again, I am hearing that it’s getting harder and harder to keep students focused and engaged in learning. When kids aren’t engaging it makes it much harder for us to help them grow their skills.  Much harder for us to understand what’s working and what they need. In fact, you could argue that engagement is the first ingredient you need to get right in order to begin any process of growth and impact as a teacher. 

So, what can we do to help?  Does engaging students in learning really mean that everything has to be, in some way connected to TikTok or Fortnite? Is that all they care about? 

What if our students just need a little tweak in our perception of what “engagement” actually is.

Let’s start by asking the question 

“What does student engagement look like?” 

Most teachers will tell me it’s when students are “on task”.  Maybe it’s a quiet classroom where everyone is busy.   If you walk into a classroom and every student looks like they’re busy learning, then you are on to a winner. 

I can totally understand why you might see it that way.  Engagement can look like that. It probably looked a lot like that when we were at school.  Being quiet and focusing was always encouraged as the gold standard of learning.   

But, here’s a secret… if we see engagement as “busy” and “on task” then there’s a real danger that what looks awesome… Is actually NOT learning at all.  

Yep.. Read that again 

What looks like engagement could actually be the opposite of good learning. 

Why? Because learning can be messy, noisy, disruptive, and social.   

I know you know all of this. 

I also know we are all tired. 

So are the kids. 

So, in this episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast we’re going to hit the reset button.   

We’re going to remind ourselves what engagement REALLY is… (clue: It’s NOT compliance). 

And I’m going to share some practical strategies you can use… right now to tweak “engagement” and measure the impact of those tweaks.

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