#141: Professional Learning Networks for Teachers – 7.4

Can social media really be used as evidence in my AITSL teacher portfolio?

Many educators use social media to share, practice and connect with other educators. Building a following on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, tick tock and more. Can be fun. But is it damaging to your career progression? 

It’s easy to understand why there is so much fear about being a teacher online and talking about what you do every single day. However, millions of educators around the globe are using social media, with great success to develop, a professional learning network (pln) of educators they can rely upon to help them improve their practice. 

You could say that engaging in a professional teaching network on a social media platform, means that you are connecting with “external professionals” to “broaden your knowledge and practice as a teacher” (Grad 7.4). Yes, these words come directly from standard 7.4. In fact, the reason that we have social media widgets all over the Edufolios teacher portfolio platform is because social media is a fantastic opportunity to engage in such professional development. 

What if social media? Is actually a place to find professional communities. And engage in “forums”?

In today’s episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast, we talk about social media and 7.4. I provide three things that you can try, right now, to increase your engagement in these professional learning networks and find evidence for 7.4. We include conversations about tweetups, Facebook groups and sharing tips via reels and stories. 

Whether you’re at university trying to demonstrate that you understand where professional learning opportunities might show themselves in professional learning networks, or you’re a highly accomplished educator who wishes to contribute to professional networks in order to build productive links with a wider community to improve teaching and learning, this episode is full of tips for you. 

Make sure you head to the YouTube video shown below and add your Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. Facebook groups, etc. Don’t miss the party that is happening over on YouTube as we all help each other to engage in a large online professional learning network. 

Looking forward to liking following and learning from each and every single person who chooses to engage in this wonderful opportunity. 

Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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