#144 – The Role of Parents and Carers in Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management 😱😨
Scared to have that conversation with THAT parent about THAT child?

Behaviour management … Parents and Carers….Oh yes. We’ve all been there.

When a child needs more support to help them learn at school and you know that support needs to involve home… it’s time to pick up the phone and make a call.

And yet, you’re not to sure how they’re going to react.  Are you delvering bad news? Are they going to et defensive? Is this conversation going to be awkward.

The funny thing is.. there are millions of parent and carers wondering the same thing when they go to call their child’s teacher.  Will they react ok when I tell them what my son or daughter is feeling about school? Am i delivering news that’s going to get my child into trouble? Are they going to get defensive? Is this going to be awkward?

The reality is, the relationship between carer/parents and teacher needs to respectful, trusting and on an even keel if we’re going to have productive conversations about behaviour.  Conversations that lead to better outcomes for everyone but, most of all, the child. 

Standard 7.3 has strong connections to Standard 4... Have you spotted them?

In the third and final episode in our series on parent carer relationships, we’re talking behaviour management. 

Tune in to get some practical insights in how we can manage relationships with our students’ first teacher. 

We explore resources available to use to frame conversations (and interventions if needed) and Selena share some stories from her own experiences that you’re likely to recognise as we explore parent carer relationships through the different career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 


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