#145 – 3 Ways To Get The Feedback you need to Grow

How do you feel about Receiving Feedback on your Teaching?

What happens when I say the words: 

“lesson observation”?

“performance review”?

or even “Peer Review”?

Do these words bring up emotions? Uncomfortable feelings in your gut? A sense of dread?

Oh I hear you! Every time I knew I was being observed the panic would set in.  I’d start over thinking everything as I tried to craft the “perfect” lesson.  I’d spend hours creating fancy resources and writing detailed lesson plans. 

I would end up exhausted and… honestly… VERY NERVOUS as I delivered that lesson. 

Half the time, it wasn’t any more fabulous than the lessons I’d teach without all the funfair.. but, for some reason, I felt I needed to prove my self as a teacher and that this was the way I did that.

Does that resonate? Do you get super nervous when someone’s going to give you feedback?

What feedback loops do you even have at your site? How do you know you’re making a difference? How do you know what to work on next? 

A value driven professional established routines in which they get feedback from people they trust. The use that feedback to grow...

Why are we so nervous about feedback and yet we give it so freely to our own students?

A feedback loop is one of the most valuable assets a teacher can have.  We are all on a mission to make a difference to our students lives. We want to help them to achieve everything they want to achieve.  We are VALUEs driven.  

To make sure we stay in that place we need to understand that difference we make and we need to feel like we’re doing a great job. We also need to know where we can grow and how we can do that.  That’s what makes a good teacher great.

So, in this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast, we explore three ways you can create powerful feedback loops for your teaching practice.  Highly accomplished educators, this is the episode where you learn how to avoid needing to write those awkward emails where you have to ask people to say nice things about you.  Instead, we learn how to create a learning environment for ourselves where feedback is values, expected and so.. soo empowering to our practice.

Tune in to hear three specific, actionable things you can can do today to help you see your impact. Help you support your colleagues and to show you the difference you are making every single day. 

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