#148 – Using the Teaching Standards to prioritise the tasks that lead to the biggest impact

#148 – Using the Teaching Standards to prioritise the tasks that lead to the biggest impact

"The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers just Create a Sense of Overwhelm in me.."

The Australian Professional Standards for teachers. A massive rubric that is used by educators across Australia in an assessment that helps someone decide whether or not our teaching is of great quality.

Associated with bureaucracy and paperwork, it’s generally NOT a document that teachers turn to when they’re feeling lost or confused.  In fact, most would tell you that the rubric creates both of those feeling immediately for them.

Is that what happens for you when you think about GTPA, Proficiency, teacher registration, Highly Accomplished and Lead?

So, if you’re looking to meet a goal… A mission let’s say, in term 3.  Would it occur to you to turn to that rubric for guidance? 

Would you know how to?

If the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is a rubric... then shouldn't we be able to use it to focus our practice and improve?

This week, we’re continuing our conversation about getting razor focused and avoiding the overwhelm in Term 3.

This time, we’re giving you an acivity to complete that will help you to USE the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to get even more clear about your mission.

If you defined your mission in Episode 146 and then cleared the cluture in 147 then you might still be looking at a mission that you’re not entirely clear on.

Do you need some guidance on the steps you might need to take to MAKE THAT MISSION HAPPEN?

Well my friend, the Australian Professional Standard for Teachers are here to help.

Yes… i did say HELP.

In this episode we’re going to explore a refreshingly different approach to using this rubric.

Join me for a step by step reflective process that will ensure you know exactly what primary tasks you need to complete to reach your goal.


Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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