#139: How to Increase Student outcomes using Entrepreneurial Education

#139: How to Increase Student outcomes using Entrepreneurial Education

Are you finding it hard to keep your students motivated and engaged right now?

With all the stresses out there, it’s even more important to find ways to help our students connect to their passions and values. We need to consider what research and skills we can employ to increase engagement. Increasing meaningful engagement in our lessons will then give us more opportunities to have a strong impact on our students’ outcomes 

Right now, some of our students are overwhelmed by the big, wicked problems that surround them in the world. With war In Europe, COVID across the world, fires, floods, and global warming. They are really feeling an urgent need to make a difference. And yet, they are also feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Is our current education system, our current way of working, supporting them to have the skills they need to break down these big problems?

Helping them to understand their value and their values.

Are we really enabling them to understand their world and make a plan to make the difference they want to see? 

How can you support them, as a classroom teacher, in developing these life-changing skills? 

With more and more people turning to entrepreneurial lifestyles, building businesses, and solving the problems they are passionate about, it’s time to consider how entrepreneurial education could be the most important step you can take in 2022 to increase student engagement and efficacy.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset can help give them the skills they need to reengage.

Feresh Pizarro, Dee Edwards and their team, have been working to create resources that support teachers to bring the entrepreneurial mindset into their classroom.

In collaboration with Flinders New Venture Institute, eNVIsion Barossa Yorke Mid North, Feresh Pizarro Education Consultancy, and with funding from the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service, they have created some amazing resources and opportunities for teachers to use right now to solve this big problem of student engagement. 

Their ‘Entrepreneurial Teacher Practice Guide and tools are available for you to use right now to help you make real-world connections between the content that you are teaching in the Australian curriculum and the big, “wicked problems” that your students long to solve. 

By developing new skills in creativity, resilience, problem-solving, value creation, critical thinking, and divergent and convergent thinking, Feresh, Dee, and their team, have created a powerhouse of resources and opportunities for each and every one of us. Resources to help us reinvigorate our curriculum with the skills our students need to increase their own impact in the world.

They even have a professional development opportunity available to you during this Easter school holiday. See the links below

Tune into this episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast to learn how this entrepreneurial teaching practice can help you and your students develop new engaging lessons. Learn new skills and pedagogies to empower your students to solve “wicked problems” and be really deeply engaged in the learning. 

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