#152: How the Teaching Standards have inspired my practice with Emma Potter

Looking for a way to validate your teaching practice and get some challenge?

You’ve been teaching for a while now and you have this feeling ( let’s call it a gut feeling) that you might be ready for Highly Accomplished certification.

Although you know in your heart that you’ve got this… as soon as you start to look at the process, the documentation and consider actually sitting down to reflect on your practice and take a DEEP look at your impact… you start to feel some doubts creeping in.

You really want this. You just know that this process will provide you with the kind of challenge you relish. It’s a way to progress your career and move towards leadership without leaving your classroom.  

You just want some direction. 

You long for someone who can validate your practice and advocate for you as an awesome educator. You’re looking for that direction, a path forward…

but you just don’t have it… yet

What if you experienced a mindset shift that left you in a calm and empowered place with the teaching standards?

The story above echoes the conversation I have had this week with Emma Potter about her journey with the standards and accreditation,

This was where she was at BEFORE she joined the Evidence Engine.

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast with Selena Woodward, she shares her journey with us.

It’s a very inspiring journey with, what might be for some, an unexpected twist.

You see, Emma is now an empowered educator who can use the standards so effectively that she is able to create opportunities to see, measure and grow impact in her P.E faculty.

"I am just getting really excited about the direction the standards have given me.. they're not about judgement, they're providing so much momentum and growth for me"

Tune in to hear how Emma

  • Now sees the Standards as a “kind of mentor” that supports her growth
  • Is using the standards to shape decisions around the processes her team use to grow
  • Has begun the practice of gathering evidence for HA and is not feeling the same overwhelm or panic

This is a really cool interview and one that I just know will inspire you .  

Don’t forget to leave Emma a comment on the YouTube video below.  Let’s celebrate together!

Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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