#154: 5 things that Impact the Success of Your Application for Teacher Accreditation

#154: 5 things that Impact the Success of Your Application for Teacher Accreditation

So you want to get you're feeling nervous about creating evidence for teacher accreditation?

You want to get your teaching portfolio done for accreditation but you’re really nervous that you will make mistakes that will cost you time, money and your confidence.

I get that 

You’d love to find away to avoid these mistakes so that you can create evidence but when you consider starting, all you see are 142 focus areas, across for career stages, across a load of ‘judgey’ language (that you don’t really understand) and a timeline of work that seems to endlessly stretch before you.

Creating evidence for teacher accreditation, using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, can feel really overwhelming and time consuming.

But, if you can avoid five common mistakes you will find the process of reflection to be quite enlightening.

What if you had a tool that supported you to avoid 5 common mistakes made in teacher portfolios?

In this episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast with Selena Woodward, we are going to share these five mistakes and how you can avoid them using an Edufolio.

Tune in to find out what these mistakes are and how Edufolios helps you to avoid them.

These include:

  1. Being clear about who you are impacting.
  2. Understanding the language of the focus areas in their career stages.
  3. Knowing how to plan to write about your impact.
  4. The choice of artefact that you make to support your evidence
  5. How to communicate the context that you are working with to an alien on another planet entirely (lol.. no seriously) 

Life is too short to avoid the career progression that you deserve.  Save time and money now with these with an Edufolio and avoid these mistakes right now.

Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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