#158: Stop Waiting: Proactively Get Feedback on your Teaching Now!

159: Stop Waiting: Proactively Get Feedback on your Teaching Now!

#158: Stop Waiting: Proactively Get Feedback on your Teaching Now!

As a teacher, I hate getting feedback. It's never useful anyway...

Do you dread the moment you get told that someone is coming to observe your lesson? Does feedback like this send shivers down your spine and remind you of that fabulous pit in your stomach?  You are not alone.

Getting feedback when we didn’t really ask for it is hard… You didn’t get a chance to ask a question about your practice that will turn this observation into something focused and useful to you.  You didn’t get to choose when it will happen and you may have a vibe that this is all about you being judged and NOT about giving you positive permission to ask for the feedback you might need to grow your teaching practice

You don't have to wait for feedback like this...

In this episode, we dive into the research that has been done to show that we all have a natural inclination towards growth and development, and yet, so often, we’re scared to ask for feedback from our colleagues.

We look at how a proactive approach can help us to move beyond perfectionism and take control of our professional development.

Selena gives you a very easy to do task in which you can use feedback to get perspective, reflecti deeply and collaborate with colleages.  This activity is perfect for Highly Accomplished and lead teachers to create wonderful artifacts that show their impact.  It’s also a very simple (and possibly familiar) way to use feedback for yourself.  Using the Y chart and a quick reflection cycle we will explore a framework for understanding how to get the feedback we need in order to grow.

Join us to learn how to better use teacher feedback to improve and develop as a highly accomplished lead teacher.

Don’t forget to share the reflections you write with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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