#162: Shifting the Narrative: Empowering Neurodiverse Educators

Shifting the Narrative: Empowering Neurodiverse Educators

#162: Shifting the Narrative: Empowering Neurodiverse Educators

Embracing Neurodiverse Educators: A Teacher's Journey with ADHD

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t fully be yourself in your job? As a teacher, it can be tough to admit to being neurodivergent for a whole host of uncomfortable reasons. That’s why it’s so inspiring to see teachers like Stevie creating safe spaces for neurodiverse educators to come together and share their stories.

Stevie’s group has become incredibly popular as teachers from all over the world seek out a supportive community where they can be their true selves without fear of judgment. It’s not easy to stand up and say “I’m neurodivergent,” especially when we are often told that our differences are a problem. But Stevie’s work reminds us that we are all unique and that being neurodivergent is something to be celebrated, not hidden away.

As teachers, we are expected to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, which includes standard 1: “Know students and how they learn.” But how can we truly know our students if we don’t allow ourselves to be who we are? By embracing neurodiversity, we create a culture of acceptance and understanding that can have a powerful impact on our students.

It’s not always easy to let go of our fears and be ourselves, especially in a profession where we are expected to have all the answers. But by creating spaces for neurodiverse educators to come together, Stevie is changing the narrative and helping to break down the stigma surrounding neurodiversity. By being open and vulnerable, we can show our students that being different is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be celebrated.

The power of self-awareness and reflection

Stevie’s journey with ADHD highlights the importance of self-awareness. After struggling to fit into a neurotypical world, Stevie finally found the answers she had been searching for. She discovered that her brain worked differently from others and that this wasn’t something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be celebrated and embraced.

Self-awareness is a critical component of personal growth and development. It allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, recognise our triggers, and take steps to improve our lives. By embracing our differences, we can harness our unique talents and bring a fresh perspective to the table. Particularly in education where we work with hundreds of different people everyday

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Further Reading and Support

Some Teaching Standards Considered in this episode:

6.2 Engage in professional learning

  • This focus area involves engaging in ongoing professional learning and development to improve teaching practice. Stevie’s journey of self-discovery and creation of a support group for neurodiverse educators demonstrates the importance of ongoing learning and development for teachers.

Standard 7.4 “Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities”

  •  Stevie created a support group for neurodiverse educators, which can be considered a professional teaching network. By engaging with this network, she was able to share her experiences, gain support from others, and also support others who may be going through similar challenges. This demonstrates the importance of building and engaging with professional networks and communities, which can help teachers to develop their skills and knowledge, and also provide valuable support and resources.

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