It’s the summer, it’s Christmas time, it’s the school holidays! Well done, we made it!  In fact, over the last 7 months, you’ve been busy recording, reflecting and adding up your PD hours. Using your Edufolios, you’ve shown us how you ROCKED it this year!  As both the calendar (and academic year) comes to a close, we thought it might be fun to get Matt (the guy who writes the code) to pull numbers from the big database that drives Edufolios.  Here’s what we found….

In the last 7 months…

You have been writing  (and reflecting) a lot about things that happen in your classroom.  In fact, in the last 7 months, Edufolios subscribers have amassed 2192 separate pieces of written evidence and reflection!  You’ve then used that evidence, not only for state and accreditation requirements, but also to demonstrate the 530 hours of professional development you’ve completed.  Do you know what? I think that suggests that you might not have realised that writing a blog post actually counts towards your PD hours.  If all 2192 posts took 30 mins to write we’d have gathered over double of that…. Maybe you’ve collected more hours than you think! 😉

Number of Reflective Posts


Total Hours of PD Recorded


Let’s put a Standards Lens on Things…

Before we look at the Career Stage chart, you should probably know that we have a vast array of subscribers within nearly every state and territory of Australia (Tassie… we love you… where are you?) We also have a large assortment of different schools and institutions represented (that includes universities).

By Career Stage…

It’s interesting then, I think, that the chart shows the Highly Accomplished portion is feeling a little neglected! I’ve heard stories of people skipping that stage… maybe that’s why?  What do you think? Who’s about to gather their H.A. evidence? Can we increase the size of our doughnut?

  • Graduate (%)
  • Lead (%)
  • Prof (%)
  • H.A. (%)

By Standard…

I LOVE how evenly spread our evidence is across the 7 standards.  Isn’t that great?  The recent TRB Professional Development report, mentioned that we were all in the habit of just attaching standard 6 (professional learning) to our work and not thinking beyond that. The most popular standard was actually standard three (Planning Teaching and Learning) and not standard 6! Hopefully, this shows that having the guides and the boxes as a prompt, helps us to connect with the other standards and focus areas more. Great work! Curious about which was the least popular? Well that was our friend Assessment and Reporting (standard five) and it seems that the busiest time of year for reflection is the school holidays between Term 2 and 3.  I wonder if that has anything to do with how comfortable we’re feeling with our classes at that time?

  • 1. Know Students (%)
  • 2. Know the Content (%)
  • 3. Planning for Teaching and Learning (%)
  • 4. Supportive and Safe Learning Environments (%)
  • 5. Assessment, Feedback and Reporting (%)
  • 6. Professional Learning (%)
  • 7. Engage Professionally (%)

To our fabulous, early users of Edufolios we thank you!  We are so looking forward to 2017, to seeing what you do with your Edufolio and to supporting your practice as it grows.  I can tell you that 2017 holds a fir few exciting additions to the Edufolios bow.  For example, how you like your own personal pie charts on your dashboard? How about a new theme (to change the look at feel) and what about some regular webinars where we can meet, discuss and share our experiences before, during and after we write about them…..  Sound good?

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