I don't have to worry about Copyright, I'm an educator...

Well, that’s partially true.  All educators are covered by a standard copyright licensing agreement that covers Education establishments, their staff and their students.  As long as what you’re doing is related to school, teaching and learning.  

However, there’s a whole Australian Professional Teaching Standard that relates to this. It’s 4.5 and it talks about how you apply social and ethical protocols and practices.  In fact, at highly accomplished and lead, you’re even supposed to be mentoring and supporting others in this area. 

...That statutory license isn't going to cut it

Not when it comes to you showing that you understand how Intellectual Property (IP) works and how you can support others to work with other people’s IP. 

In fact, it’s something that’s also in the curriculum. It’s right there in the ICT General Capability.  It’s also something that many of us just don’t know enough about.  That changes now.

In this podcast episode we’re going to talk about:

  • What IP is and what the law says you’re covered by
  • How important it is that you know how to operate outside of the basic legal requirements of an educational licenses
  • How you can set up your e-portfolio to make sure you’re covering the Grad standard and demonstrating you’ve got this
  • Some practical resources you can use in your classroom with your students.

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