It's the last week of term... Nearly Time to relax

But can you switch off?

We’re nearing the time where teachers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.   Christmas concerts are over and the children are back with their parents for the holidays.  Now it’s your time to relax.

But you don’t seem to be able to switch off

You need a cup of tea at 10:20, 12:30 and 3:15 (because that’s what you’ve been doing all year) and you’re still thinking like a teacher… even if you’re planning for christmas.

Something’s missing…


You forgot to take stoke of 2019, learn lessons and move on

Using the wisdom I have learnt from James Wedmore I am going to share, with you, some ways in which you can send a clear signal to your brain that it’s time to let go and relax.

Download the workbook at that accompanies this episode to join with me…

…as we:

  • explore the lessons we learnt from 2019
  • Let go of any negative feelings
  • Find the things we need to celebrate and
  • Make a plan to celebrate them really well!

All in the name of being fully prepared to relax this summer! 

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