#72: How do I talk about the 7 AITSL Standards?

Teacher is frustrated by the portfolio and evidence process

#72: How do I talk about the 7 AITSL Standards?

I have to create a teacher portfolio about these seven standards...

You’re creating your portfolio for university, full registration (or proficiency), to achieve the accolade of Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher, to reflect and grow.  In front of you, is a huge document called that Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. 

You know that you have to talk about these seven ‘AITSL’ standards and you’re not sure where to start.

Doubts fill your mind.  Can you even meet these standards?  What do you have to do with them? What if, when you start looking at them, you realize you’ve not met them? 

Those standards are broken into 148 small bites of info, but they feel alien and oh so judgmental.


Let's shift your focus from standards to practice...

The truth is,  the reason it feels so overwhelming is that you, my friend, are focusing on the wrong things.

There’s no way you’re being asked to write about the seven standards.  If you did, you wouldn’t do very well with your portfolio…

Curious about what I mean?

Tune in to this week’s podcast to hear:

  • Three reasons why starting with the standards will damage your portfolio (and your practice)
  • Some tips on how to refocus your thinking so you can move from overwhelmed to confidently growing in your practice.
  • A challenge (and a way) to get started with your portfolio right now.  With no judgement or overwhelm… (sounds good right?)

Download the free standards guide to help you out.  Just enter your email address and it will wing it’s way to you straight away.

I can’t wait to hear how many focus areas you’ve identified.  How much you’ve learnt about your practice and what this shift in mindset means for you and your teaching career.

Don’t forget to DM me your questions and revelations!

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