"I need to know that I'm putting my energy into the right things..."

Teaching is a ridiculously demanding job. Your time is so precious and there is a never ending list of things that need to be done.  “I don’t have time” is a catch cry for so many of us as we try hard to juggle the challenges and responsibilities of our role.  

Our students are our main priority and we will fight to do what’s best for them. Honestly, we fight so hard it’s can be detrimental to our own health and personal relationships.  Having no time, being time poor, not wanting to waste our time on something until we know we’re going to get it right…  oh wait…

Are we afraid of wasting time or getting it wrong?

Whatever your reason for feeling so time pressured, in this episode we’re going to have a frank and open chat about what it might mean if you’re too busy to stop.. not even for five minutes. We’ll chat about shifting mindsets so that you can start to see evidence and reflection more as “being” in your teaching day than “doing” something extra.

You can even download this free handout which accompanies today’s episode and is full of handy links and notes. 

Get ready to start seeing evidence everywhere. More than that, get ready to understand how to start the process and finish it whilst making sure that not a minute is wasted.  We’ve got:

  • A 5 minute process that you can add to the end of your day. One that will show you where potential stories of practice lurk. 
  • An app that will help you find artefacts to support that evidence.
  • A new way of seeing the structure of the teaching standards that will help keep you razor focused and
  • the ultimate assessment tool that can reveal impact in 20 mins.

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