I am well known as a passionate advocate for developing a Personal Learning Network.  It’s a fantastic way to share resources, ideas and stories.  With my account @teachertechnol I have enjoyed years of great conversations and learning.  Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that that learning is present on your Edufolio?

That’s why we’ve made sure that Social Media configuration is easy on your Edufolio.

How do I add links to all of my Social Media Connections?

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.04.17 PMThe navigation bar and SM account linksWe have made space for icons for your Social Media connections in your Navigation bar.  You just need to add the appropriate links into your settings.

You’ll find these on your dashboard.  Just click the big blue customise button and head to the Profile Options menu.

This page is where you can add your profile picture but underneath that you’ll see space to add your  Facebook Groups, Twitter Account, Google+ and Linked in URLs.  As soon as you put the links into this boxes, icons will appear on your navigation bar, taking your readers straight to your personal learning networks.


How do I add my Twitter Feed to my Sidebar?

We’ve also provided you with a ‘widget’ that you can use to put your live twitter stream on to the sidebar of your site.  Twitter is very security conscious and so it’s not quite as quick to configure as you might like.  However, the steps to giving your site the ability to show your feed are quite straight forward.   I’ve demonstrated exactly how to do it in this video.


More advanced Twitter Settings:


More advanced Twitter Settings

You will also find instructions to follow and plenty of advanced Twitter settings if you head to the Appearance>Widgets menu.   Drag the ‘Rotating Tweets’ widget to the side bar on the right.  Drop down the arrow to see the options and you’ll find you have plenty of different looks to play with.  These include, but are not limited to, whether or not you want a link to your Twitter account underneath, Whether you show the number of followers you have and the option to edit the title for your twitter feed in your sidebar.



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