#155: Behaviour Management: Tips for a Calmer Classroom

Taruen Stevenson On behaviour management and calmer classrooms

#155: Behaviour Management: Tips for a Calmer Classroom

The kids are through the roof, their behaviour is exhausting I'm not sure I can keep this up!

Behaviour Management is hard enough at the best of times.  Let’s get real here though.. right now, we are NOT in the best of times.  We’ve had so much distraction in our schools that we are all more exhausted than we have ever been.  

You might have seen this show up in your  classroom.  Maybe the behaviour management strategies that you used to rely on just aren’t working anymore.  Perhaps anxiety, uncertainty and stress have caused some changes in your students behaviour.  Have they caused any in you too?

Behaviour management is a hot topic right now.  The teaching standards ask us to manage challenging behaviour (4.3) but what is behaviour? How would you define what is “challenging” and what might be showing up in your classroom right now that is bringing this behaviour to the fore?

These are all questions that this week’s guest, Tauren Stevenson and I explore in our episode on behaviour management. 

What if you had five new perspectives that shifted the behaviour and created a calmer classroom?

Tarun Stevenson, is a teacher, consultant, author and behaviour support coach based in Queensland.  He has spent the last 15 years exploring “behaviour” and provides workshops across the country to equip teaches and school leadership teams with “tools to effectively connect, communicate and manage students with confidence, care and socially just practice.”

This conversation is rich in story – one of our favourite things and provides countless examples of strategies for classroom management.

If you’ve been feeling that you need a different approach, then this episode might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’ve been trying to work out what evidence you could have for 4.2, 1.1 or 7.3 the this is definitely your episode!

Things I love about conversation about Behaviour Management...

      • Tarun is a very heart centred educator who cares deeply about people, how and why behaviour shows up and learning to help them to succeed.  As a result, he is very easy to connect with.
      • We share stories of our own practice that I am certain will resonate with you too. We’ve all been “there” 😉
      • We deep dive into what “behaviour” is. Why it gets challenging and.. most importantly, Tauren shares some very practical strategies (That you can use right now) that will support you as you work with your young people
      • Neurodiversity is part of this conversation.  We talk ASD, ADHD, Gifted and more and explore how neurodiversity manifests behaviour if we’re not tuned in.
      • The fact that we’re both still open and learning as we go because no two humans are the same and we’re always learning how to be the best we can be! 
      • Tarun shares some great free resources with us to download and use today!

Tune in and let us know what really sticks with you.

Don’t forget to share the reflections you right with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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