This post contains everything you need to know to get your evidence into your edufolio, tagged with the standard and focus areas and looking fabulous.  We will be covering:

  • Logging in to your Dashboard
  • Adding Evidence
  • Formatting your Text
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Adding Images and Videos
  • Adding other attachments (like certificates)

Logging In to your Dashboard

This is where it all starts.  You need to be logged in order to add or edit content:

Adding Evidence

This video will show you which menus will take you to a list of all of the ‘posts’ that will become your evidence.  You’ll see the posts’ menu and how to add a new ‘post’ or piece of evidence to your folio.  We also walk you through adding the standards and focus areas and how to preview your content before you make it live.

Formatting your Text

In this video we introduce you to the WYSIWYG editor.  We walk you through how to change the styles of your fonts, how to copy and paste from other sources (such as word) and show you some of the neat, built in styles that are available to you.

Adding Links to Other Websites and Sources

This short video will show you how to add a link to a piece of text.

Adding Images and Videos

Of course you want to provide visuals.  So, in this video we show you how to upload images to your media library and then place them into a post.  We show you how to re size them, how to change the way they align with your text and how to add a caption.  We also show you how quick and easy it is to embed a video into your work.

Adding Attachments

If you want to add a certificate or other document to your post to act as an addendum or evidence base then this is how.

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