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Last Week Edufolios (including Kat, Markeeta, her handy husband Geoff, Matt and Tristan) went to the Educhange Conference in Melbourne. This conference is a little unusual.. it’s a tiny bit rebellious.. so naturally… we had to be there!  Run by the fabulous team at Educhange Makers, EC17 is all about asking questions, seeking answers and innovating within our Education systems.  Teachers start with big ideas presented by awesome educators and then are left with countless options to explore.  They can choose what’s relevant, when it’s relevant and have open and frank conversations with like minded educators.  There are opportunities not just for learning from the experts, but – more importantly – learning from each other.  Edufolios is all about the Learning… So we were there with bells on!

Highlights from EduChange – EC17

Right up the front ready for Day 2! #nerds #learners #edufolios #educhange

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Here’s Kat mentoring away. Sharing her knowledge of working with students with Autism with one teacher whilst simultaneously showing these two pre-service teachers how to get the most out of their Edufolios during #ec17! Highly Accomplished evidence pouring in. Of course, by supporting others, sharing ideas and learning collaboratively you also conveniently hit a whole heap of the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.  They weren’t our focus, our focus was story telling, sharing of practice, supporting and growing, but everything that we do seems to hit those little gems… their posts will show you how. It put those links up there….

These two!

It was awesome to have these two, very dedicated and awesome educators wandering around and honouring us by wearing our brand! They have both written some amazing posts about their day at EC17 and I encourage you to read them! 🙂

  • EC17 by Kat
  • Flexible Learning Spaces at EC2017 with Sinan Kerimofski

It was a total privilege to hear these two talking about their experience as educators and as users of Edufolios.  I know that they were very generous in sharing their knowledge, skills and passions as educators with the EC17 community – such super stars. Growth, Growth, Growth and with no threatening sticks in site.  That’s what we’re all about.  Every passionate teacher is an awesome learner. Learning is all about collaboration and sharing (something that this conference was super at) and these two did an amazing job.

Connecting and Networking

With Photo booths, Printers printing photos of everything tweeted or ‘instagrammed’ (did I just make up a word?) on #educhange, constant Twitter chatter, countless, extremely comfy, break out spaces and FREE coffee (YES FREE!), you just couldn’t help connecting with others.  Thank you to all the school leaders, teachers, student teachers and children who connected with us over the two days.  We hope you enjoyed sitting around our campfire swapping stories. We learnt lots from you and we hope you did the same!

The Fun!

Educhange is a playground and that’s why it works so well.  We’re all there, playing with what we know, experimenting with the possibilities and learning as we go. Several of us had our children with us and, although I thought mine would be off with his Dad after half an hour, they didnt’ want to leave either.  Children and adults learning together and not formally.  Just for fun, exploring the possibilities.

For example, I’m sure Green Hat didn’t expect to cage my Son in small bits of wood so he could Hulk out of it. Fizzics probably didn’t expect to go through quite so many of their balloons and other bits and bobs as they explored what you could do with these things. Mud Kitchen probably didn’t anticipate that their playground STEM equipment would get such a work out and the team from Aurora Reality weren’t expecting such an avid tester for their app!

Massages from Geoff, free ice-cream, coffee and wine/beer. Amazing conversations and the permission to be just a little bit left of centre.  Perfect!

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