Edufolios Re-builds on Amazon Web Services
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Edufolios has moved its entire software infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, leveraging the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) offering and it’s AI capabilities. The SAAS business currently supports over 1000 Australian Educators with their teacher registration and accreditation needs and is preparing to expand its market reach.

Edufolios is an online teacher portfolio system that focuses on helping teachers to find the evidence they need for accreditation from their everyday classroom practice

“As Edufolios continues to grow at a steady pace, we wanted an architectural solution that would serve us as we scale into new and international markets.”

Selena Woodward, CEO of Edufolios shared her plans for the growth of the innovative platform as they embark on a project to increase the scalability of the platform.

“We specialise in our ability to help educators connect their practice to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to understand, develop and celebrate the difference that they make every day in their classrooms. Now it’s time for us to expand our reach.”

The Edufolios founder recently won a Government Boosting Female Founders Grant to assist in an ambitious project to develop a multi-standard, multi-industry approach. This change, signaling Edufolios move towards expanded domestic and international markets.

“To do this, we needed to change up our infrastructure and make it ready for a new way of developing and scaling. Being a member of the Amazon Web Service (AWS)  Edstart Accelerator Program, gave us the support we needed to make that happen”. Woodward went onto explain how the support and guidance of the engineers at Amazon had been instrumental in helping to design and implement the new architecture.

Time to redesign for scale

“Working with Amazon, through Edstart, has led us to forge connections with amazing local engineers and architecture specialists in Adelaide and has provided us with access to the latest and greatest, cutting edge stack available.”

With current clientele spanning six major universities, including RMIT, as well as Australian schools with just over 1000 individual teachers, Edufolios has already proven itself in the education market. This move positions them to move into the global market; representing nearly 62 million educators worldwide.

Amazin Web Services Logo

Edufolios, a member of the AWS EdStart accelerator, has leveraged it’s resources to overhaul their infrastructure and prepare for the future.

However, the move to Amazon Web Services wasn’t just about market scalability. Innovation in product development is also a key value for the business. The migration over to AWS infrastructure gives the software company a higher level of agility, enabling rapid and secure product development.

Edufolios, a member of the AWS EdStart accelerator, has leveraged its resources and advice to overhaul their infrastructure and prepare for the future.

As Edufolios continues to grow, Technical Lead Matt Woodward leveraged the AWS infrastructure to mature how they were developing software.

“With distinct containerized environments for developing, testing and releasing our software, to multiple layers of security across transport, storage and access to Edufolios, we can quickly respond to customer needs and iterate through the creation of new features efficiently.”

Edufolios has already seen significant performance gains for its software, meaning that the innovative Edtech company plans to keep leveraging the AWS toolset as it explores new ways to work with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the platform.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Save Teachers Time

Edufolios to introduce auto blur on all images of people under 18

Leveraging Amazon Web Services AI stack, Edufolios will bring a host of new features to save teachers even more time.

“At Edufolios we know that teaching is hard enough already. The whole premise of our platform is to make the process of accreditation and teacher registration easy. By moving to the AWS platform, not only do we have a fully scalable architecture, but we now have access to a raft of tools that will help us to release Edufolios’ mission even faster.”

Woodward shared that Edufolios’ move to AWS was not just about scaling and growing the architecture. Part of her ongoing strategy involves the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“For example, we are already in the testing phases of a feature that will use Amazon’s “Rekognition” tools to support educators to anonymise images of students in their portfolio.” And Edufolios does not plan to stop there. “We are excited to continue experimenting with the cloud-based AI and Machine learning tools to further to reduce teacher workload; allowing educators to continue to focus on their students, and the impact they’re having, whilst our system show them the standards they are hitting and helps them to plan their next steps in their professional development.”

Educators wishing to explore Edufolios as an option for their school or university’s teacher portfolio needs are welcome to take advantage of a free trial over at Schools and universities wishing to learn more about Edufolios can support their teachers to increase their impact through accreditation can contact the team here

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