We’ve been burning the midnight oil a little as we get ready to launch Edufolios, both Selena & I are really excited to see this offering come together!

You see, going back about 24 months, we put together the original eportfolio theme with a view to releasing it on, or similar, so teachers could easily grab a theme that enabled them to reflect on their practice and organise their content under the AITSL standards.

At the time we were made aware that unless you’d sold a gazillion  (yep that’s a lot of zero’s!) copies of your theme, there was no place for it on the platform. So we started selling the theme through Selena’s blog over at We’ve had some happy customers (which has been great!) but we also had many more than weren’t sure how to go about setting up their own wordpress site (and get a domain / hosting etc.) and this left them a bit stuck – we knew we had to do more.

At this start of this year we had a school approach us that wanted to use the theme for all their staff (awesome!) but again hosting etc. was likely to be an issue – so we decided to make some strides towards offering this service – Edufolios was born!

It’s young, it’s still developing and it’s certainly the new kid on the block. But our commitment to providing teachers with an easy to setup, online portfolio is gathering momentum and we look forward to growing this service and being able to give teachers the best experience possible.

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