#99: Unpacking My Journey Lead Teacher with Angela Phillips

#99: Unpacking My Journey Lead Teacher with Angela Phillips

"You might be thinking, "Oh my goodness am I good enough? Have I done enough to say that I'm "lead"?

When you think of the process for Lead Accreditation, what happens?  For most, a Lead accreditation means making sure you tick the boxes, check off the to-dos and handing up a portfolio.  If so we start to feel that uncomfortable sensation of overwhelm as we try and learn how to reflect against the standards AND meet the needs of a compliance process all at once.  

For Angela, things were a little different.  As Pedagogy Coach and Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, she wanted to go through the Lead teacher process in order to demonstrate that she could practice what she preaches.

What does she preach?

Measuring and increasing impact in your classrooms.

"If you want other people to be looking at the impact they made from students lives, you've got to be able to model that behaviour... like we do with our students."

She used Edufolios to build a portfolio of evidence (at Lead) that demonstrates her leadership in both of these areas.  But, first, she had to be ok with the fact that she really was a Lead teacher…

Things I love about this episode:

  • Angela is clearly a passionate educator who is focused on a shared purpose.  She has a clear way of bringing everyone on board and helping them increase their impact.
  • It took her some time to accept that the was ready for Lead.  It’s fascinating to hear how she came to the decision to be ok about talking about project involving her colleagues and why it was hard to accept that WAS lead
  • There are practices we can all learn here about lifting up our colleagues and supporting them through career progression too. 
  • She shares the topics of her evidence sets 
  • She reflects on what she would do differently so that you can learn from her choices and get their even faster
This is a very generous and inspiring conversation about the lead teacher process.  One not to be missed!

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