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The Standards Got you Down?

I hear you! In fact I hear thousands of you! Most of us are introduced to the Australian Teaching Standards through some kind of assessment of our practice.  A uni assignment, a registration process, a certification process.  If we’re honest, for some of us infact, that’s the only time we EVER connect with them.


The teaching standards equate to frustration, to confusion and tension.  Why do we even have to prove ourselves? We’re busy doing other things.  We’re busy changing lives and helping young people all over the country learn how to move to the future. We don’t even know what that future looks like, but watch us go! We’re here to make an impact on each and every child who crosses our path not to prove ourselves against some teaching standard or other!

Who knew that in doing all of that great work, whilst you’re helping young people grow, having a real impact,  you’re already working with and inside those standards. Every day, every lesson.  The impact you’re trying to create is exactly what the  teaching standards are trying to encourage and help you to improve.

What if the standards are secretly a pathway to build your skills to create powerful impact?

IN this week’s podcast we’re going to get real about the 148 focus areas that define our career from teaching training to Lead.  We’re going to explore why they’re here and how we choose to frame them.   Let’s talk about:

  • Why we’re here as teachers
  • How the standards move through an extended sequence of impact
  • What ripples grow and how they get stronger and reach further with every career stage
  • How you can use the focus areas to help you increase that impact and connect with the fantastic practice around you (and documented online)

These standards are not about you proving yourself.  They’re a guide to how you can develop your impact.  Let’s see how far your impact can grow.

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