IEUSA backs Teachers with Reflective Practice Platform Edufolios

IEUSA supports continual teacher development through reflective practice.

Starting Term 1 2019, the IEUSA has provided their SA teachers with exclusive, discounted access to the Reflective Practice platform, and local SA business, Edufolios. This will provide members with a place to reflect on their professional practice in the classroom, continually grow their skills using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APSTs), and to improve the impact they can have on learning outcomes with their students.

Over a thousand in-service teachers, and pre-service teachers, across Australia currently use the Edufolios platform to reflect on their practice, set themselves targets and development their skills as an educator.

Selena Woodward, CEO of Edufolios says “We’re delighted to be working with the IEUSA and their members. The IEUSA share so many of our values, and like us, want to support Teachers to be the best Educators they can.”

Dr Leigh Burrows, Senior Lecturer at the College of Education, Psychology & Social Work at Flinders University says “Much teacher professional development is focused on knowledge dissemination and training and while this is important we also need to leave space for new and emerging knowledge to arise since reflection is at the heart of transformation.   We know that teacher professional learning is most effective when it addresses issues identified by teachers and is relevant to their needs, issues and contexts.”

Without Edufolios, many educators are left feeling a little lost about reflective practice for growth. Edufolios unique features are supporting educators to gain real clarity over their practice.

Kat Zagotsis, long time user of the Edufolios platform has found these features have really supported her to be the best teacher she can be.

Using the heat map and tag cloud within Edufolios has made it very clear to me as to which focus areas I’m strong in and which are areas for growth.”

Most importantly, the tools have helped her grow in confidence and really celebrate the impact she’s having in her classroom everyday. 

 “Having already established reflective practice as an integral part of my teaching I feel more confident that I have stories of impact that are worth celebrating as part of my own development. “

CEO Selena Woodward shakes hands on the new deal that will see all IEU SA members gaining discounted access to the Edufolios platform.

Notes to editors:

The IEUSA was formed in 1984 when a group of courageous people demanding a fair go for workers in non-government education met on the footpath of Greenhill Road and conceived the Association of Teachers in Independent Schools (ATIS). Those brave few went on to generate an organisation which has grown to 4,000 members in non-government early learning centres, primary and secondary schools and private adult learning institutions, with 216 Branch representatives. Through the federal union, IEUA, our union has become part of an organisation of 75,000 workers in non-government education across Australia. This provides an avenue for members to influence decisions in the education debate which is being increasingly driven from Canberra. (More Information)

Edufolios was founded on 4th February 2016 by Matt & Selena Woodward. Our vision for Edufolios was to create a simple, self-service, online portfolio platform for Educators which could be used for reflection, to evidence their practice and to record professional learning. It would allow them to get up and running within minutes with no knowledge of website administration (or design) required. (More Information)

For more information contact Selena Woodward (Edufolios, CEO) on 0406 916 121 or, and Glen Seidel (IEUSA, Secretary) on (08) 8410 0122 or

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