#159: Is Chat GPT the Ultimate Teacher’s Assistant? Find Out with Edufolios

#159: Is Chat GPT the Ultimate Teacher’s Assistant? Find Out with Edufolios

Chat GPT is going to create THE BIGGEST HEADACHE!

I bet by now you’ve heard about Chat GPT.  The news is full of stories about it and the impending impact it will have on Education.  Many of us are feeling a little hesitant and resistant to using AI like Chat GPT in our teaching practice.  

Lots of concerns pop up like plagiarism, authenticity, and its impact on creativity.  

It may also feel like a HUGE mystery. One fraught with danger and more questions than you’d care to explore!

This is all really understandable.  Chat GPT seems to have burst onto the scene from nowhere!  The press coverage around it is conflicting and, sometimes confronting.  Especially when you consider that this is probably ANOTHER thing you’re going to need to understand…  We don’t have time for that… right? 

What if Chat GPT can create time, clarity and opportunities for reflection?

Despite feeling like this ” new” technology dropped from nowhere… it’s actually NOT all that new and you’d be surprised at how many times you’ve used an AI just like Chat GPT in your day to day life.  From siri and Google assistant, to PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, there’s a high chance that you’re already using a Natural Language processor like Chat GPT in your classroom already… 

So, in this episode we’re busting some Chat GPT myths and Selena is doing what she does best… connecting dots.  Dots between Chat GPT and your workload.

Tune in to hear a whole heap of ways you can use Chat GTP to support your teaching practice. For example, you can:

  • Train Chat GPT to create custom unit plans that cater to the unique needs of your students
  • Use Chat GPT to check assignments against a rubric and receive feedback on areas that need improvement
  • Utilize Chat GPT’s ability to analyze data points to inform future instruction and assessment practices
  • Rewrite lesson plans based on a particular framework by asking Chat GPT to do so
  • Use Chat GPT to prompt you to consider important factors such as differentiation and assessment in their lesson planning process.

and more..

We’ve even created a youtube playlist full of short tutorials.  So, if this episode inspires you head here to learn more.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu0RzwJcDfuilwVObcYEBnjQ-2VHMhIU6

Don’t forget to share the reflections you write with @Edufolios on any social platform you like!  We can’t wait to read them!

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