#100 – Lead Teacher – What the standards say about leadership in a classroom

#100 – Lead Teacher – What the standards say about leadership in a classroom

A lead teacher is someone who's been teaching for ten to fifteen years right?

I can totally understand where this idea comes from.  We are so used to being rewarded for the number of years we teach.  Almost as if, time traveled automatically makes you a better teacher; a lead teacher.  We have had a pay scale that increased year on year and then, eventually, give us the option to move to the next (more ? ) level.  If you were a Step 9 then you knew what you were doing… you should definitely be a lead teacher.. right? 😉

I’m not saying experience doesn’t have its rewards.  It does. However, research shows us that there are much more reliable measures of efficacy and skill than time.  It’s perfectly possible to have taught for 20 years and not to have grown at all in the last few…  That’s where the teaching standards can help us.  Help us to define what that growth could look like. Especially at the HALT teacher levels.

So.. when it comes to the AITSL Standards for teaching, you could be forgiven for thinking that LEAD = Head of department, Deputy Principal, or teacher with  Step 9 equivalent time travelled. 

You might also be forgiven for thinking that you couldn’t possibly be a lead teacher… because you didn’t make that change on your own.  There were others working with you.  You may have supported them, guided them, encouraged them, and made an impact.  But…. you didn’t do it alone.  That’s can’t be lead right? That must be HA?

The Qualities of an effective leader have nothing to do with time and everything to do with the way you work with others.

So, what is the difference, or what is the context of lead in a leadership position at school and “lead” in the standards?

Inspired by last week’s episode with Lead Teacher Angela Phillips, I wanted to explore how you decide whether to go for HA or Lead.  

In this episode we:

  • Demystify the difference between a highly accomplished teacher and a lead teacher.  
  • Explore what Leadership looks like in the standards and how it is different to a deputy principal  (they’ll be using the principal standards I guess)
  • We explore the work of Dr. Brene Brown on the topic of armoured and Daring Leadership and connect them to the standards

As you listen, see if you can connect your own experience (no matter how short they are!) to the story I am telling.  Maybe YOU are lead.. and you can skip Highly Accomplished all together? Tune in to find out 🙂 

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