#077: Let’s talk Data Driven Teaching and Learning

#077: Let’s talk Data Driven Teaching and Learning

Using data to analyse and evaluate student understanding...

In this, the second episode in which we are focusing on Standard 5 of the Australian Professional Standards for teachers, we’re talking data-driven teaching. 

If 5.4 asks us to collect and interpret student data, what might that look like? 

How does the idea of “Data-Driven Teaching” make you feel? 

If we're going to spend time collecting data let's make sure it's the right kind...

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re going to dive in what “data” is.  We’ll look beyond test scores and the graphs and progress charts we often think of when we think of the word “data”, as we explore how we can evidence standard five so much more!

Tune in for practical pointers on how you are assessing and responding to student need every day.  Let’s see if we can make that assessment more visible and really get to grips with the impact you are making in your classroom every day. 

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