Passwords, passwords, passwords.   So many passwords, for so many things!  It can become a nightmare trying to remember which username and password goes with which account can’t it? We didn’t want you to have to create any more of them, especially not for your online teacher portfolio!  That’s one of the many reasons that we’ve recently partnered with Microsoft and upgraded our service to include single sign on for your Office 365 account.

You might already use approach this with apps like Mathletics or Geogebra? Many schools in Australia use Office 365 for their email and school log ins – including the Department of Education (DECD) here in South Australia.

By partnering up with Microsoft’s cloud service, Office 365, we’ve made it even easier for you to set up your Edufolio and get straight into gathering evidence for your teacher portfolio. Just press the “Sign in with Office 365” button (available both on our sign up and login pages) and you’ll be taken to Microsoft’s Office 365 login page where you can use your existing, secure school email address and password to login.

You won’t need to manage a separate username and password for Once you’ve logged into Office 365 (from our site) we’ll log you straight into our platform, so you can jump into crafting your reflective posts for your Edufolio and focus on what matters.

Of course there’s another bonus to introducing the integration with Office 365, your school’s IT department will be able to provide you with quick easy access to your online teacher portfolio by creating a shortcut to Edufolios on your Office 365 dashboard. It will appear alongside all the other apps your school already uses. It simply becomes part of your existing software ecosystem, making it all the easier to manage.

We’re currently in the process of getting the app reviewed (and added) to the Office 365 Application Gallery so that your IT department will be able to search for and add Edufolios to your collection off apps – this should be ready in about 3 – 4 weeks and we’ll update this post as soon as it’s in!

“You won’t need to manage a separate username and password to access your online teacher portfolio, it’s one less headache!”

– Matt Woodward, Co-Founder of Edufolios

Where do I sign up?

You can  grab and edufolio and be up and running within minutes. Click on the button below and you’ll be walked through our signup process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

I’ve already got an Edufolio, how does this affect me?

The great thing about this change is that it can work for our existing users too. There’s a couple of different scenarios, but essentially if you signed up using your existing school / Office 365 email address, then when you sign in using Office 365, our platform will look for an existing user with that email address and log you in as that user. Easy peasy! (If you signed up with a different email address, and want to use this facility, you simply have to edit the email address for your profile – don’t worry we’ll get a video done for this to show you how).

Working with Microsoft

If you’ve been involved with our sister project Reflect Growth (if you haven’t take a look, it’s awesome!) you’ll know we’ve had a really strong working relationship with the team at Microsoft for a little while now. They’ve openly supported that project with some fantastic initiatives, like the Microsoft Innovation Center here in Adelaide, and also created a neat little video showing how we work together.  The Microsoft family have consistently provided us with new, exciting opportunities to explore for our projects and we look forward to continue building that relationship as we grow 🙂

A huge thanks to Eva Balan-Vnuk and the Innovation Center team here in SA, Ray Fleming in the Microsoft Education team, and Esther Gergis with the BizSpark team. Really appreciate your support guys!

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