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We know how important it is to you that you can personalise your Edufolio. That you can make it stand out from the crowd and use it to share a little bit of what makes you … you! The original Edufolios theme was designed to be so simple you couldn’t really edit much.  After hearing your resounding cries for the opportunity to add a little  “je ne sais pas” to your Edufolio, we released the brand new theme this week. We think it’s super beautiful and just what the tribe ordered!

We’ve had some awesome feedback on the new theme so far, including the awesome idea from one of the Edufolios Tribe to release some default cover images for those of you that like the placeholder that we put in place when you create your Edufolio, or switch to the new theme. As usual, your wish is our command! This post is all about giving you some free placeholder images for your new look.  You can choose from five colours too.

How to claim your free images and use them in your Edufolio’s New Theme.

Below you’ll see a gallery of free images for you to chose from. When you’ve found the image you’d like to use, right click on it and choose the “Save Link as…” option in your browser to save the file to your device. Then, from within your Edufolios Dashboard, click on the “Customize Your Edufolio” button, navigate into the “Images” section, and finally upload the image you’ve downloaded to your “Cover Image” option. Finally click “Save & Publish” to make the changes live on your Edufolio.

If you want more help about how to customise your Edufolio and make it your own, why not head to our knowledge base or communities to get some more support?

Keep the awesome feedback coming, and let us know how you’re going with the new theme! The community awaits your comments! 🙂

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