The rumours are true! The new theme is here!! We’ve given our Edufolios subscribers a brand new look to explore and play with. We know that it’s tough out there and that you want to stand out from the crowd.  We know that every teacher has a unique teaching style and personality and we know that you wanted to express that with the way in which your Edufolio represented you.  Well… hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, the new theme is here and we’re pretty sure it’s going to knock your socks off!

What’s New?

There’s a lot about your new theme that’s stayed the same.  The trade mark seven standards across the top and that fabulous tag cloud is still present. You’ll notice that the sidebar with all of it’s widgets has moved and that we’ve added a fair few extra options to play with.  We’ve also given you a lot more control over the design of your site.  Here’s how:

  • Layout: We’ve kept the layout of the standards across the top of the Edufolios, but juggled the rest if the content elements around. The side bar is now on the left, and has a dedicated place at the top for your social links and mini-bio – grouping together the bits that focus on your digital footprint. The name shown at the top left is the display name you’ve set for your user profile. (Click here for more information about changing that)
  • Menus: The main / top navigation is very similar, but now “sticks” to the top of the screen when you scroll down, and shows a list of the standards (as an icon) so those browsing your Edufolio can quickly jump to another standard and browse other evidence as they wish.  The menus that used to be at the bottom of your site, (think Most Popular Posts, Sites I Visit, and Blogs I Read) have been converted to widgets that you can choose to drag onto the side bar. You have complete control of what they’re called now too!
  • Images: To give your Edufolio the maximum impact, we’ve added a space for a cover photo as well as your profile image. The cover photo id the big background image at the top of the page and a profile photo is the smaller image it’s usually a professional headshot of you. Add some awesome images to reflect your Edufolios personality. Why not grab some free ones from us too?
  • Colours: We’ve setup three colour menus that you can use to personalise your Edufolio:
    • Highlight Colour – This is the colour used to draw attention to key items on your Edufolio, the standards across the top, and all links
    • Background Colour – This is the colour used on the very background of your Edufolio and sets the ‘tone’ for the looks and feel of your Edufolio site.
    • Background Text Color – This is the colour of the text that sits directly on the background of your Edufolio i.e. Mini Bio, Your Title / Name and can be used to make sure you compliment your background colour nicely – try using tools like Abobe’s Color Gallery to find a colour combination you like.
  • Footer: We decided we were taking up far too much space on your Edufolio with our logos… so we’ve replaced it with a simple phrase and link that we display at the bottom.  That’s just to let visitors to your Edufolio know where they can get one too.  You wouldn’t want them to mis out now would you? 😉

Existing Users: Changing to the new theme?

Nothing will happen to your evidence posts or pages when you change themes. All of that vital, growing content will stay nice and safe and will be navigated to in exactly the same way. The only thing that will need to be updated or changed are the personalisations that you have already added.  Items like your social media links and widgets will need a little attention before you move over to the new look.

Before you change over to the new theme, we’d like you to prepare a couple of things so make sure the change goes smoothly for you:

  • Social Network Links: Make a note of these, as we won’t carry them over for you to the new theme*.
  • Site Name: You may want to set this as your User’s Nick name on your User Profile (Dashboard > Click on “G’Day <your name>”at the top right) then set your public display name as this nick name (by choosing it from the list of options for “Display name publicly as”) and clicking “Update Profile”.
  • changing to the new theme - edufoliosWidgets: When you install the new theme, you also install the new, customisable widgets.  The new theme will override your current, older versions and place the default set of new widgets into your side bar.  You can customise which widgets appear (and which you’d like to remove) in the Customise area of your site.  Other options include (but are not limited to):
    • Audio File – Leave a voice message for you visitors
    • Archives – Let people explore your Edufolio month by month (This is also a handy way of seeing the number of evidence posts by month
    • Calendar – A calendar view of your evidence posts
    • Content Analytics – This shows which posts are most popular and have had the most visits
    • Image – Add another image to your sidebar
    • Custom HTML – Great for adding anything embeddable, including a Creative Commons licence.
    • Recent Comments – Show what people are saying on the front

Now you’re ready to activate the new theme! We’ve put together a little video for you here, in a couple of clicks you’ll have the new theme on your Edufolio…

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