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At Edufolios we’re on a mission. A mission to empower teachers (like myself) to do more than just tick boxes representing standards.  We all know that the best teachers are continuous learners.  Learners? Well they, of course, make the best teachers.  We created Edufolios as a space where we could all reflect on the evidence we are gathering for AITSL and our state registration boards.   A space where that evidence become part of a process through which we can evaluate and improve our teaching practice.  We’ve had a great response from you (the profession it’s designed for) and, as more and more and more of you recognise the time saving, barrier busting offering we have created, our subscriptions continue to grow.  Our passion for that offering lead us to ask questions about how we could continue to grow our reach.

A couple of months ago we heard about a fantastic accelerator program for start up businesses that would be popping into Adelaide looking for the cream of the crop.  Throwing caution to the wind, we submitted an application. “It can’t hurt” we thought.   We were delighted when we received an email telling us that we’d got in!  As a result, I was able to take part in an amazing 3 day boot camp where I met some amazing Adelaide, and Internationally based, business men and women. Of course,  I absorbed everything I could like a sponge!  I try and be a good learner too 😉  You can expect to see a few changes to our website and more over the next few months as a result.

Working alongside 9 other Adelaide businesses (all of whom were totally amazing), I grew my understanding of how to access and empower more educators.  I honed and rehearsed my pitch and got ready to share our vision.  From the innovation centre at Uni SA, I pitched my ideas to 3 judges.  They loved our story and our passion for education, so much  that we were selected to go through to the Australian final in Sydney. A week later, I entered another short pitching competition with 8 judges from around Australia and the USA. The feedback was great! Out of the 200 businesses that applied for this challenge, Edufolios has now been “identified and recognised as one of the most outstanding and promising Australian start-ups run by the highest-impact, highest-potential entrepreneurs” I can’t wait to take our story to Boston and see what we can learn from our colleagues in the USA.

It’s been an amazing experience for me personally. As an English and Drama teacher, this is very much outside of my comfort zone but what a learning curve!  Having shared our vision to business men and women like Larry Lopez, Kathleen Healy, Kimon Lycos and Leanne Hobbs it feels amazing to have our passion validated by member of both the global business community and government agencies.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us by giving this start up a go.  By purchasing an Edufolio and using it to share your story as an educator.  To those of you who were kind enough to share your thoughts on how Edufolios has helped you so far, a massive thank you – the judges loved your stories and your feedback.  To everyone who continues to make suggestions and takes the time to call us when you need help or would like a new feature, thank you too.  Edufolios is a story with many characters and themes and it wouldn’t exist without all of you.  I’m so looking forward to taking that story to Boston next year.  In the mean time. Remember that Matt and I are here to empower you.  Don’t forget to take us up on that offer.

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