The New Edufolios’ Standards Guide is Here!

The New Edufolios’ Standards Guide is Here!

It's now easier than ever to work with the focus areas and teacher standards across all of the career stages.

Edufolios introduces the new standards guide for the Australian Professional Standards
The New Edufolios Standard Guide

Edufolios is all about making creating evidence of practice more meaningful and easier.  Teacher accreditation is often overwhelming and can be a daunting process.  Our unique tools have been helping thousands of Aussie educators take control of the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.  We have watched so many of our subscribers move through grad, proficiency and (in a growing number of cases) onto Highly Accomplished and lead.

We have a range of offering to support Aussie Educators on this process.  One of the most important ones, is our Standards Guide.  A unique element to the Edufolios platform, it’s something that we’ve been asking our users about.  We wanted to make it more useful, more effective and more powerful for your practice.

You asked us to:

  • Guide you through how to know which career stage you were working at
  • Help you to select which standard 
  • Show you the correct focus areas descriptor for that standard in the career stage you choose 
  • Colour code them so that you knew exactly what you were meant to be covering
  • Support you more with artefact selection
  • Guide you further to find more focus areas in the same piece and expand your evidence further

The first iteration of the new standards guide aims to do just that.  Here’s a video to show you how.

Step by Step, Colour Coded Guidance

You’ll notice that the standards guide  asks you two questions.  First, “Who am I Impacting?” and ten “What Did I talk about?” These two questions are what we ask AFTER we have written about what we’ve been doing at uni, in our classrooms, with our colleagues or at our site. They are the stepping stones to connecting your practice to the standards.  Along with the colour coded guide, they also help you to see exactly what is expected of you as you work with that descriptor.

If you’re curious about the colour coding then you might like to grab a copy of episode three of our podcast. It gives you some free professional learning on the structure of the focus areas.

We really hope you like this new addition to our toolset. There’s a full breakdown of how it works, step by step in our knowledge base if you need it 🙂   We have still got plenty of plans for this section of the site and we’d love to get your opinion about what we’ve done already and what you’d like to see next.

Here’s to even more focus in your reflection and growing your practice.

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