Yesterday Matt and I took to Facebook to use the “live” interface to share a thought with you. When we opened our business bank account with Beyond Bank we were prompted to think about how we could use Edufolios to help others. We connected our account with a system that allows any interest we earn to be matched and shared with CanTeen. This conversation got us thinking about how else we might be able to use Edufolios to give back and even support local and international education.

We’ve been asked about free trials in the past and this was definitely something we wanted to consider. We know it can be hard to make a choice about a platform without first having a play with it. However, when we’d come away from our meeting at Beyond Bank we started thinking about those trials in a different way. What if, instead of a free trial, we did Trials for Charity?

Our plan is to ask you for a minimal donation (at this point we’re thinking $5) – all of which will go to a nominated charity. We can put a ticker on the front of the website that will show you how much we’ve managed to collect. We can even change charities from time to time and spread the love around a bit.

We’ve already contacted three South Australian charities

HYPAKickstart for Kids and Time for Kids and, through our Facebook page have had a couple more suggested to us too. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea.  Is it something you’d entertain? Making a donation to charity before you can trial Edufolios? Do you have any charities you’d like to suggest?

For example, Tania has suggested: and Leanne

Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter accounts or in the comments below. 🙂

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